Fund Documents

All Fund documents can be accessed below, including Prospectuses and Financial Reports.

Exchange-Traded Funds

Middlefield Health & Wellness ETF

Middlefield Healthcare Dividend ETF

Middlefield Innovation Dividend ETF

Middlefield Real Estate Dividend ETF

Middlefield Sustainable Global Dividend ETF

Middlefield Sustainable Infrastructure Dividend ETF

Middlefield U.S. Equity Dividend ETF

Mutual Funds

Middlefield Canadian Dividend Growers Class

Middlefield Global Agriculture Class

Middlefield Global Dividend Growers Class

Middlefield ActivEnergy Dividend Class

Middlefield Healthcare Dividend Fund

Middlefield Global Infrastructure Fund

Middlefield Real Estate Dividend Class

Middlefield High Interest Income Class

Middlefield Income Plus Class

Middlefield INDEXPLUS Income Fund

Middlefield Innovation Dividend Class

Middlefield U.S. Equity Dividend Class

TSX-Listed Funds

Middlefield Global Real Asset Fund

Middlefield International Clean Power Dividend Fund

Middlefield MINT Income Fund

Middlefield Sustainable Agriculture & Wellness Dividend Fund

Middlefield Sustainable Innovation & Health Dividend Fund

Middlefield Sustainable Real Estate Dividend Fund

Middlefield Workplace Technology Dividend Fund

Flow-Through LPS

Middlefield MRF 2024 Resource Limited Partnership

Middlefield MRF 2023 Resource Limited Partnership

Middlefield Discovery 2023 Short Duration LP

Middlefield MRF 2022 Resource Limited Partnership

Middlefield Discovery 2022 Short Duration LP

Middlefield MRF 2021 Resource Limited Partnership

Middlefield Discovery 2021 Short Duration LP

Split Share Funds

E Split Corp.

Real Estate Split Corp.

Infrastructure Dividend Split Corp.

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