Global Dividends Investment Solutions

Benefit from expected growth in global dividends, providing a hedge against higher interest rates

Investment Focus

Market Leaders

Preference for companies with pricing power in highly concentrated industries around the globe

Competitive Advantage

A focus on companies selling products or services into a growing end market with a business model that is hard to replicate

Sustainable Dividends

Healthy businesses with reasonable payout ratios that grow their dividends through various market cycles often receive a premium valuation

ESG Focus

Companies that integrate ESG considerations into their operations tend to carry less investment risk than those that do not

Value Investing

Anchoring the portfolio in reasonably priced companies provides our portfolio with a margin of safety as well as upside potential


Diversified Equity
# of Holdings:
30 - 40
Earliest Fund Inception:
Management Style:
Global Dividends Lead:
Robert F. Lauzon

Strategy Description

Middlefield’s global dividends strategies are designed for investors seeking income and growth. ESG considerations enhance fundamental analysis and are integral to the investment decision-making process. Investors can access well-established global companies with a track record of substantial and consistent dividend growth and leading ESG metrics. These companies have a proven history of equity market outperformance and stable dividends.

Strategy Characteristics

Our Global Dividends Solutions Aim to Deliver Superior Returns Relative to their Investment Risk


Market-leading Global Businesses


High Monthly Income


Stable Large-Cap Companies


ESG Considerations


Dividend Growth


Diversified Across Sectors

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Our funds can be bought through your brokerage account or financial advisor

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Portfolio Managers

Our Global Dividend Sector Specialists

Headshot of Robert Lauzon
Robert F. Lauzon
Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
Shane Obata
Portfolio Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should investors add Global Dividend companies to their portfolios?

Dividends account for ~40% of stock market total returns since 1930. That percentage is even higher during decades when inflation is elevated.

Why should investors add Global Dividends now?

Sustainable dividends are paid by companies that fund them with excess free cash flow. Given that they are profitable enough to do so, these stocks are often perceived as higher quality and display less volatility during economic downturns.

Why buy Middlefield Global Dividend solutions?

Our global diversified dividend strategies invest in stable large-cap companies, they generate an attractive & consistent monthly distribution and they utilize our ESG methodology.

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