Energy Investment Solutions

Benefit from expected growth in companies involved in the exploration, development, production and distribution of energy

Investment Focus

Energy Producers

With higher commodity prices and minimal debt, energy producers are generating record levels of free cash flow and prioritizing returning capital to shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks

Energy Infrastructure

Significant investments in gathering, processing and midstream infrastructure are required to facilitate production growth and meet growing energy demand

North American LNG

The European Union must displace Russia as a major source of natural gas supply, thereby supporting the accelerated buildout of North American LNG


Billions of dollars are being invested in emerging decarbonization technologies including carbon capture storage and utilization, biofuels and hydrogen

Royalty Companies

The resurgence in industry activity supports revenue growth and the royalty model circumvents operational risks and cost inflation


Sector Equity
# of Holdings:
30 - 40
Earliest Fund Inception:
Management Style:
Energy Lead:
Robert F. Lauzon

Strategy Description

Middlefield’s energy strategies are designed for investors seeking income and growth. Investors will have access to large-cap energy companies with established infrastructure providing consistent increasing dividends for decades. ESG considerations enhance the fundamental analysis and are integral to investment decision-making. These companies are either moving to carbon-neutral or helping sectors move to carbon-neutral products through resource production.

Strategy Characteristics

Our Energy Solutions Aim to Deliver Superior Returns Relative to their Investment Risk


Utilities Infrastructure


Energy Producers


Resource Production


Monthly Dividends


North American Equity


ESG Consideration

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Portfolio Managers

Our Energy Sector Specialists

Headshot of Robert Lauzon
Robert F. Lauzon
Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
Dennis da Silva
Senior Portfolio Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should investors add Energy investments to their portfolios?

Oil, gas and related energy products will remain essential to the global economy for many decades, even as developed economies transition to renewables. In recent years, energy companies have reduced debt, rationalized costs and improved operating efficiencies.

Why should I add Energy investments to my portfolio right now?

The sector is generating record levels of free cash flow and management teams are committed to returning capital to shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks. Despite improved fundamentals, energy stocks continue to trade at attractive valuations.

Why buy Middlefield Energy solutions?

  • Middlefield’s energy strategies offer an attractive mix of income and growth
  • We remain focused on companies that emphasize producing energy in a sustainable and responsible manner
  • We have a long and successful track record of investing in the energy sector dating back to 1983
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