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Since our founding in 1979, we have been creating wealth for our clients by providing innovative investment solutions with superior customer experience.

Our Office
Middlefield is located at The Well, a one-of-a-kind mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Toronto.
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Our Company

Middlefield is an asset management company founded in 1979 with the goal of creating innovative investment solutions. We are independently owned, answering only to our clients. Our team is not burdened by the distractions faced by public companies, allowing us to focus on what matters most — the satisfaction of financial advisors and investors.

Over many years we have developed a disciplined investment process that seeks to identify attractive opportunities while evaluating the risks that impact returns. Our core business currently includes 6 equity income mandates: Real Estate, Healthcare, Innovation, Infrastructure, Energy and Diversified Income, all of which incorporate our focus on diversification and the importance of sustainability. We are consciously avoiding being all things to all people. Put differently, we are focused on select market sectors and companies which have the ability to generate growing levels of cash flows and corresponding dividends.

Our specialized suite of innovative investment solutions for individual and institutional investors includes Exchange-Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Split Share Corporations, Closed-End Funds listed on both the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges, as well as Flow-Through Limited Partnerships. Behind each of these investment solutions stands a team of professionals dedicated to generating superior investment returns. Moreover, our sales and marketing team works closely with our portfolio managers to ensure our clients have access to current market information as well as the rationale supporting our investment decisions.

Investments That Work For You

At Middlefield, we are focused on expertly selecting companies which meet our investment criteria. In light of our focus on businesses which generate consistent and growing levels of cash flow and dividends, we gravitate to larger capitalization, higher quality issuers led by proven by management teams. These are typically global businesses which earn uninterrupted levels of income for investors — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Middlefield funds represent “Investments That Work for You” so clients can feel confident in their financial future.

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Leadership Team

Headshot of Jeremy Brasseur
Jeremy Brasseur
Executive Chairman
Headshot of Dean Orrico
Dean Orrico
President and Chief Executive Officer
Garth Jestley
Vice Chairman
Headshot of Robert Lauzon
Robert F. Lauzon
Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
Headshot of Mark Aboud
Mark Aboud
Chief Experience Officer
Headshot of Wendy Teo
Wendy Teo
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Craig Rogers
Craig Rogers
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer
Headshot of Nancy Tham
Nancy Tham
Managing Director, Sales
Anthony Tavella
Executive Director, Head of Marketing

How we Stand Out


Equity Income Focus


Private and Independent


Specialized Investments


Superior Customer Experience

Our Founder

Murray J. Brasseur (1944 to 2020)

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Our History

Middlefield's dedication to customer service and disciplined investment process has allowed us to operate for over 40 years.


Middlefield was founded and began as an integrated Real Estate management company involved in land acquisition, construction, management, financing and leasing


Launched our first Flow Through Resource Limited Partnership


Launched our first Real Estate Limited Partnership


Launched our London, UK office and became registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority


Launched Mint Income Fund, our first diversified equity income strategy


Launched Middlefield Canadian Income Trust, our diversified equity income strategy for UK investors, on the London Stock Exchange


Launched our first Public Real Estate Investment Fund


Launched first public healthcare investment strategies


Launched E Split Corporation, our first Split Share Fund


Launched first public fund providing investors access to private investments


Launched first public sustainable investment strategy


Middlefield launched its 50th TSX-Listed Initial Public Offering


Community Involvement

Middlefield Charitable Foundation (MCF) is the foundation through which we make contributions to institutions which serve our communities.

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