Middlefield MRF 2024 Resource Limited Partnership

Fund Description

The Partnership seeks to provide significant tax benefits and the potential for capital appreciation to Limited Partners by investing in an actively managed, diversified portfolio of equity securities of Canadian companies involved in the resource sector.

For Investors Who:

  • are in a higher-tax bracket looking to take advantage of one of the few remaining tax reduction strategies left
  • are seeking to deduct 100% of the cost of the investment against income in 2024
  • are looking for a professionally managed tax effective investment solution with a firm that has a 40 year track record

Fund Overview

  • CUSIP #:
    55350K105 (Class A) / 55350K204 (Class F)
  • Inception Date:
  • Dissolution Date:
    On or about February 28, 2026
  • Advisor:
    Middlefield Capital Corporation
  • Federal Tax Shelter ID#:
  • Quebec Tax Shelter ID#:
  • Risk Rating:
    Not Rated

Fund Managers

Dennis da Silva
Senior Portfolio Manager
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