Healthcare Investment Solutions

Benefit from owning companies that will capitalize on the growth in healthcare spending, research and development

Investment Focus


The biotechnology sector is on the cusp of a multi-decade innovation cycle which is expected to yield ground-breaking therapeutics and treatments

Equipment & Supplies

Robust innovation, expanding end markets and pandemic related backlogs result in higher average growth rates


Pharmaceutical companies generate stable and predictable earnings, carry low financial leverage and consistently grow their dividends

Life Science Tools & Service

Elevated R&D spending from industry, government and academic centres support robust genomics, DNA sequencing and molecular diagnostics innovation

Managed Care

Subsiding COVID-19 hospitalizations and low unemployment improves the case mix and should lead to higher utilization of healthcare services


Sector Equity
# of Holdings:
35 - 45
Earliest Fund Inception :
Management Style:
Healthcare Lead:
Robert Moffat
Healthcare Advisor:
Dr. Richard Evans

Strategy Description

Middlefield’s healthcare strategies are designed for investors seeking income and growth. Healthcare companies sell needs-based products and services which underpin high-quality earnings, consistent dividend increases and durable growth prospects. In Canada, the healthcare sector represents less than 1% of the TSX Composite index vs. approximately 14% of the S&P 500 Index (2nd largest sector weighting). As a result, many Canadian investors are underexposed to healthcare. Middlefield’s healthcare portfolios are actively managed and comprised of leading companies diversified across the healthcare sector.

Strategy Characteristics

Our Healthcare Solutions Aim to Deliver Superior Returns Relative to their Investment Risk


Active Management


Science & Tech Upside Potential


Large-Cap Exposure


All-Weather Defensive Growth


High Income


Exclusive Industry Advisor

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Portfolio Managers

Our Healthcare Sector Specialists

Headshot of Robert Moffat
Robert Moffat
Portfolio Manager
Headshot of Dean Orrico
Dean Orrico
President and Chief Executive Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should investors add healthcare investments to their portfolios?

Healthcare companies have strong growth prospects and sell needs-based products & services, which underpin high quality earnings and consistent dividend increases.

Why should I add healthcare investments to my portfolio right now?

The healthcare sector possesses defensive qualities and is well-positioned to withstand market volatility. Healthcare is also underrepresented in Canadian portfolios — Healthcare is the second largest in the S&P 500 Index, yet it makes up less than 1% of the TSX Composite Index.

Why buy Middlefield healthcare solutions?

  • Middlefield’s healthcare strategies are designed for investors seeking income and growth
  • Access to leading companies diversified across the global healthcare sector
  • The healthcare sector possesses defensive qualities and can help to mitigate overall portfolio volatility
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