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Investors can invest in Middlefield funds through their self-directed account, discount broker or financial advisor.

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You can purchase Middlefield investment funds on the nation’s most popular investing platforms. Below are links to some of the self-directed brokerage firms available in Canada. You will be leaving middlefield.com if you click on any of the links.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of investment solutions does Middlefield offer to Investors?

Investors can access Middlefield investment strategies in a variety of product types including ETFs, Mutual Funds, Closed-End Funds, Split-Share Funds and Flow-through LPs. These solutions span a number of market sectors including real estate, healthcare, innovation, infrastructure, energy and more.

Why invest with Middlefield?

Middlefield is a specialist and independent equity income manager that creates wealth for our clients by providing innovative investment solutions with superior customer experience. We actively manage portfolios to identify high quality, global companies generating significant and stable levels of cash flow. Middlefield’s award-winning funds are designed to be “investments that work for you” by distributing consistent and high levels of income through various market cycles.

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