MINT is pleased to announce that a distribution of $0.22 per trust unit will be payable on October 29, 1998 to unitholders of record on September 30, 1998. This equates to a 13.3% annualized yield based on a current market price of $6.60. It is anticipated that distributions for the remainder of 1998 will continue at this level.

Unitholders of MINT can acquire additional units by participating in the Automatic Distribution Reinvestment Plan. The Plan enables unitholders to reinvest their quarterly distributions in additional units of MINT thereby achieving the benefit of compounding returns. In order to take advantage of the Plan on the upcoming distribution, unitholders should contact their investment advisor or the undersigned prior to October 29, 1998.

MINT trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "MID.UN".

For further information, contact:

W. Garth Jestley
Middlefield Group
(416) 362-0714

September 22, 1998


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