Headshot of Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Senior Vice President, Corporate Accounting

“I equate working at Middlefield with my son’s baseball team – we never know what the next pitch is going to bring, but whatever happens we play hard, hunker down, figure things out as a team and do what’s right so our fans can be proud of the team they chose.”

Sarah Roberts is a Senior Vice President of Corporate Accounting at Middlefield. In this role she is intimately involved in the financial management of the firm, responsible for financial reporting, controls and accounting. Sarah has been with the Middlefield team for over ten years, playing pivotal roles in the areas of Operations, Corporate Development and Marketing.

Ms. Roberts brings over twenty years of knowledge and experience through a career that has included major Canadian financial institutions. Sarah interacts on a daily basis with the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Chairman of the firm.

Sarah holds a CPA, CMA, as well as a degree in Mathematics and Engineering from Queens University.



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