Be alert to scams and fraud


Investment Scam Advisory

It has come to our attention that fraudulent individuals are impersonating employees of our company in an attempt to lure unsuspecting individuals into a deceptive investment scam.

Warning Signs of the Scam:

Middlefield Impersonation:
  • Be cautious of communication that impersonates senior company officials, a tactic commonly employed in such scams.
Lack of an Investment Dealer
  • Any investment in Middlefield products must be funded through an investment dealer account. We will not ask you send to us a deposit directly to us.
Suspicious Methods of Contact:
  • Fraudsters have been sending e‐mails from accounts with very similar e‐mail handles, such as “…”. Ensure that any e‐mail you receive from Middlefield is sent from an e‐mail address ending in “”.
  • Fraudsters have also been soliciting investments through text messages. Middlefield does not solicit investors by text message.
Unique Investment Opportunities:
  • Be suspicious of any cryptocurrency investment opportunities, as these are not offered by Middlefield

How to Verify Legitimacy:

Cross‐verify any investment proposals with our official channels, avoiding communication solely through social media, text messaging, or suspicious websites. Please contact our call centre at 1‐888‐890‐1868 to confirm the authenticity of any suspicious information you receive from Middlefield.

Report Suspicious Activity:

If you encounter any suspicious communication or offers claiming affiliation with our company, please report them immediately to our official channels or to relevant authorities.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your vigilance in safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

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