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Key Investments Themes


The list of beneficiaries is growing by the day as investment continues to ramp and return on investment becomes evident


Moving to the cloud continues to make sense for modern businesses that want to reduce infrastructure costs and optimize their workflows

Tech Ecosystems

Network effects (i.e. The value of the network grows as the number of users increases) are a key driver of value for large tech companies


Megatrends such as artificial intelligence and electrification are driving the value of the market to $1 trillion and beyond


Productivity gains are likely to accelerate as AI is integrated into existing applications and used to create new ones

Innovation Dividend ETF

# of Holdings:
25 - 35
Management Style:
Inception Date:
March 23, 2018
Lead PM:
Shane Obata

Fund Overview

MINN seeks to provide attractive long-term total returns through an investment strategy primarily focused on global dividend-paying companies engaged in the development and commercialization of technological products or services.

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