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Investors can trade Middlefield Canadian Income Trust through their investment platform or wealth manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in Canada?

Why Invest in Canada?

  • Canadian equities can provide diversification benefits for UK investors
  • Canada is net exporter of oil, gas and electricity
  • Highly skilled and educated workforce
  • Rapidly growing population, driven by immigration​
  • Lowest marginal corporate effective tax rate in G7
  • Thriving tech industry​
  • Larger public market capitalization than UK4
  • Stable Political Environment

Middlefield Canadian Income Trust is an investment strategy for long-term investors seeking cash flow from a diversified portfolio of stable, profitable businesses located in Canada.

Why invest with Middlefield?

Middlefield is a specialist and independent equity income manager that creates wealth for our clients by providing innovative investment solutions with superior customer experience. We actively manage portfolios to identify high quality, global companies generating significant and stable levels of cash flow. Middlefield’s award-winning funds are designed to be “investments that work for you” by distributing consistent and high levels of income through various market cycles.

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