Summary of Investment Portfolio as at September 30, 2022
  Top Twenty-Five Holdings *  
    Description % of
Net Asset Value
  1. Middlefield Innovation Dividend ETF 96.5%  
    "Top Twenty-Five Holdings" excludes any temporary cash investments
* The Fund has only one holding.
    Asset Class % of
Net Asset Value
    Exchange Traded Fund(s) 96.5%  
    Cash and Short-Term Investments 3.4%  
    Other Assets (Liabilities) 0.1%  
    Total Net Asset Value $136,096  
    Total Assets $136,398  
  The Summary of Investment Portfolio may change due to ongoing portfolio transactions. The Prospectus of any investment funds owned by the Fund can be found online at www.sedar.com. Updates to this Summary of Investment Portfolio are posted to www.middlefield.com.