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Vector Energy Fund Archive
Press Releases
ACTIVEnergy Income Fund Completes Merger with VECTOR Energy Fund 
April 27, 2006
Joint Press Release - ACTIVEnergy Income Fund & VECTOR Energy Fund 
April 20, 2006
VECTOR announces Special Cash Distribution 
April 17, 2006
Joint Press Release - Special Distribution (Maxin, Mint, Pathfinder, Vector and Yieldplus) 
March 13, 2006
Unitholders Approve Plan to Merge ACTIVEnergy and VECTOR Funds 
February 16, 2006
VECTOR announces Special Unit Distribution (Revised) 
December 22, 2005
First Quarter 2006 Distributions 
December 21, 2005
VECTOR announces Third Quarter Results 
November 25, 2005
VECTOR Announces Increase in Distribution Rate and Investment Update 
September 20, 2005
VECTOR announces Second Quarter Results 
August 29, 2005
VECTOR announces Third Quarter 2005 Distributions and Investment Update 
July 15, 2005
VECTOR announces June 2005 Distribution and Investment Update 
June 17, 2005
VECTOR announces First Distribution 
May 18, 2005
Initial Public Offering - $35,000,000 
April 19, 2005
Initial Public Offering - Final Prospectus 
March 31, 2005
Initial Public Offering 
March 2, 2005
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