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As of August 28, 2013 , the fund has merged with MBN Corporation .
Uranium Focused Energy Fund Archive
Features & Benefits
Investment Strategy
In order to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives, the Portfolio will be focused on the securities of issuers that operate in or have exposure to the uranium sector (“Uranium Related Securities”), supplemented with the securities of other energy related issuers that operate in or have exposure to the energy sector (other than the uranium sector) (“Energy Related Securities”), in each case as determined by the Advisor. The Advisor will determine from time to time what percentage of the Portfolio is to be comprised of Uranium Related Securities and what percentage of the Portfolio is to be comprised of Energy Related Securities, and expects that Uranium Related Securities will comprise approximately 70-80% of the value of the initial Portfolio. The Portfolio will be focused on securities which, in the view of the Advisor, are of high quality issuers that exhibit strong fundamentals and, in the case of issuers of Uranium Related Securities, possess superior prospects for exploration and development and offer the potential to benefit from the favourable supply-demand fundamentals in the uranium sector.
TSX Listing. The trust's units can be bought and sold on the TSX under the symbol UF.UN
Mandatory Market Purchase Program. To enhance liquidity and to provide market support for the Units, the Fund will have a mandatory market purchase program under which the Fund will, subject to the following exceptions and to compliance with any applicable regulatory requirements, be obligated to purchase any Units offered in the market at the then prevailing market price if, at any time, the price at which Units are then offered for sale is less than 95% of the Net Asset Value per Unit subject to some limitations. See the Trust's prospectus for details.
Redemptions. Commencing in 2008, a Unit may be surrendered for redemption in each year and must be surrendered at least 20 business days prior to September 30 of such year in order to be redeemed on September 30 of such year (a “Valuation Date”) by giving notice thereof to MFL Management Limited (the registrar and transfer agent). Units properly surrendered for redemption by a Unitholder will be redeemed at the Redemption Price per Unit (as defined under “Redemptions”). A Unitholder who properly surrenders a Unit for redemption will receive payment on or before the 15 th business day following such Valuation Date subject to the Fund’s right to suspend redemptions, as described under “Redemptions of Units”. For further information, please refer to the Trust's prospectus.
Eligibility For Investment
The Trust's units are considered Canadian property for RRSPs, RRIFs, DPSPs and RESPs.
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