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TSX-Listed Funds
As of October 26, 2007, the fund has merged with ACTIVEnergy Income Fund.
Alberta Focused Income & Growth Fund Archive
Features & Benefits
Tax-Efficient Income
Distributions are intended to be tax-efficient when compared to distributions on units of a trust that depends solely on interest, dividends and/or other investment income to fund distributions.
Distribution Reinvestment Plan
The Trust has adopted a distribution reinvestment plan which will provide that all monthly cash distributions made by the Trust shall, at the election of each Unitholder, be automatically reinvested in additional Units.
TSX Listing. The trust's units can be bought and sold on the TSX under the symbol AFZ.UN.
Mandatory Market Purchase Program. To enhance liquidity and to provide market support for the Units, the Trust will have a mandatory market purchase program under which the Trust will, be obligated to purchase any Units offered in the market at the then prevailing market price if, at any time, the price at which Units are then offered for sale is less than 95% of the NAV per Unit as at the close of business in Toronto, Ontario on the immediately preceding business day, subject to some limitations. See the Trust's prospectus for details.
Redemptions. Commencing in 2007, Units may be surrendered for redemption on any business day that is at least 20 business days prior to October 31 and will be redeemed on October 31 of such year, subject to the Trust's right to suspend redemptions in certain circumstances. A Unitholder who surrenders Units for redemption at least 20 business days prior to October 31 of any year will receive payment on or before the 15th business day following October 31. Unitholders whose Units are redeemed will be entitled to receive a redemption price per Unit calculated with reference to the net asset value of the Trust (NAV) (however, at the sole option of the Manager, the redemption price may be calculated by using a 3-day volume weighted average trading price of a security instead of the closing price) determined as of the applicable October 31 date less any costs associated with the redemption, including, without limitation, if the Manager determines that it is not practicable or necessary for the Trust to sell Portfolio securities to fund such redemption, the aggregate of all brokerage fees, commissions and other transaction costs that the Manager estimates would have resulted from such a sale. Any unpaid distribution declared on or before October 31 in respect of Units redeemed on such date will be paid to the Unitholder redeeming such Units on the date on which such distribution is payable to Unitholders. For further information, please refer to the Trust's prospectus.
Eligibility For Investment
The Trust's units are considered Canadian property for RRSPs, RRIFs, DPSPs and RESPs.
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